New Inline Jerseys!

New Inline Jerseys!

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Eagles 2015/2016

Eagles huddling up after one of the final 2015/2016 ice season practices.

Welcome to the BEST hockey family in Europe!

2016Armed Forces Alpine Classic ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2015Island Cup ChampionsDordrecht, Netherlands
2015Armed Forces Alpine Classic ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2014Cuddeback Cup ChampionsZweibrücken, Germany
2014Div II Die Players Liga Inline ChampionsMannheim, Germany
2014Island Cup ChampionsDordrecht, Netherlands
2014Div V Die Players Liga ChampionsViernheim, Germany
2014Div I HNA - Europe ChampionsZoetermeer, Netherlands
2013Viking Cup ChampionsWiesbaden, Germany
2013Cuddeback Cup ChampionsZweibrücken, Germany
2013Island Cup ChampionsDordrecht, Netherlands
2013Div I HNA - Europe ChampionsZoetermeer, Netherlands
2013Armed Forces - Europe ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2012Island Cup 3rd PlaceDordrecht, Netherlands
2012Thorsten Cup ChampionsZweibrücken, Germany
2012Div I Die Players Liga ChampionsViernheim, Germany
2012Armed Forces - Europe ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2011Thorsten Cup ChampionsZweibrücken, Germany
2011Armed Forces - Europe ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2010Armed Forces - Europe ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2009Div I Die Players Liga ChampionsViernheim, Germany
2009Armed Forces - Europe ChampionsGarmisch, Germany
2009New Years Cup ChampionsPrague, Czech Republic

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The Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) Eagles hockey organization consists of all branches of the U.S. military, dependents (16+), civil service, contractors, members of NATO and our German friends.

Even though a majority of our organization is military, you DON'T need to be affiliated with the military to join!  The KMC in Germany comprises of Vogelweh, Sembach, Kapaun, Ramstein, Miesau, Landstuhl, Baumholder and all the cities in between.

Four Eagle teams (I, II, III, & IV), which range from beginners to "wannabe" pro and compete in the Die Playa's Liga (German league), friendly games, and tournaments in five European countries.

The Die Players Liga (DPL) is the premier hobby league of Germany, with five divisions for ice hockey and three divisions for inline.  There are thirty-two competitive teams from various levels of skill and talent. The DPL is sponsored by the Mannheim Adlers (pro team), Top-on-Ice, and Hooter restaurants.

The KMC Eagles are proud supporters of our community, providing tons of volunteer manhours to the KMC 5/6, USO, ROSC, and RESA organizations.

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1 week ago
Eagles Inline new jerseys came in just in time for Sunday's game against our friends, K-Town! Let's go inline! #newjerseys #badone #kmceaglesinline #canyouguesswhothisjerseybelongsto

2 weeks ago
Happy Mothers Day from the Eagles! We appreciate all the long practices, late nights, drives to practices and games, and always being the biggest fans! The Eagles love our Eagle Mamas!!!

1 month ago
End of the first and Eagles are down 7-2. Goals by Brock Gowie and Brandyn Shelly.

1 month ago
Ice season maybe over, but it's time for our Eagles Inline to lace up their blades and show em what their made of! Sadly, their super cool new jerseys didn't make it in time for their game :( But if you're free tomorrow, come check out our inline team at 1700 in Mannheim for FREE, FREE!! Live updates will be posted during the game, unless we start losing bad and then someone might forget to update ;) GOOOOO EAGLES INLINE!!

1 month ago
Eagles Inline have their first game this Saturday, April 23rd at 1700 in Mannheim! For our fans in the local area, we hope you can make it out! Check out the link below with all the details. For our fans abroad, we will keep you updated with what is going on!

1 month ago
Eagles at the Tri Border Hockey Classic!

1 month ago
With the NHL playoffs upon us, the KMC Eagles have decided to start a league with playoff brackets! We invite all players, friends, and fans to join our league named... KMC Eagles! Get those brackets started!!

1 month ago
Eagles Inline is in full swing. Enjoying an evening practice with our ERV Ktown brothers.

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Saturday, March 19th, 2016 - 6:50AM
NEW! Inline Jerseys

New inline weight jerseys that are built better for the heat.

Thanks to the hard work by Tab, we have new inline jerseys for the upcoming season!

Buy them here:

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 - 2:25AM
The Eagles take home the Island Cup: A 3-peat for the record books!

Eagles back to back to back Island Cup Games Champions!

Wow, is all that can really be said for the squad that went up to Dordrecht, Netherlands to represent the Eagles and compete in the 2015 Island Cup Games.  The Eagles have competed in the Island Cup Games for four years now and this one would be one for the ages and also the record books!  The Eagles have won the Island Cup championship the past two years (2013 and 2014), and as the tournament directors stated, "If a team is some how fortunate enough to win the champioship three years in a row (which has never happened) then they will actually get to take home and keep the Island Cup Games championship trophy with every past teams' championship and year engraved on ...Read More

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 - 1:10AM
Thorsten Cup 2015: Hard fought and down to the wire.

Eagles and Ice Arena after 2015 Thorsten Cup Finals

            The first game was against Bitburg and it was a tough one.  The Eagles started out slow and Bitburg took a 2-1 lead with about 3 minutes left.  The Eagles stepped up to pressure them and it paid off as Jimmy Koehler scored on a rebound goal from a Chris Lee snap shot– the game ended in a 2-2 tie.  The next game was against Team Sutter where the Eagles started to find their game and dominated them to a 4-0 win with most of the play being down in the opponents end.  The twins, Max and Marcel, along with Pavel Kovalchuk proved to be a solid 2nd line as they came through offensively.  And newcome ...Read More

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 - 2:09AM
2014-15 DPL Division 1 Wrap Up

2015 DPL Division 1 Finalists - E1 Hell of a Ride

This year with a new coach, Adam Sacchetti, for our E1 Eagles team; it was quite the turnaround.  In the DPL last year, E1 went 2-3-2, this year they went 5-1-1 finishing tied for 2nd place in the league.  They would face the Export Rangers in the quarterfinal round of the playoffs.  In game one they defeated them 5-3, even though the game was cut short due to a bench clearing brawl.  As game two approached, there was a question about how the teams would fair with each other after game one’s incident, but it ended up being a fairly clean and tightly played game, the Eagles knocked the Rangers out with a 4-3 win to advance to the semifinals.

In the se ...Read More

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 - 1:08PM
Eagles,   Practice There is no practice tonight due to Fasching.    Also, I am waiting to here back from 2 division managers about Playoff Games. Once I hear back, I will post and send the schedule to all teams!   Eagles 1 Game Cancelled Eagles 1, You're game for tomorrow night is cancelled. Sorry for the confusion, it looks as though they changed the games while in Garmisch, and I did not see the email. I apologize to ya'll and will let you know ASAP when I have heard back from Bernd. They are trying to schedule it on Thursday during practice in Zweibrucken, but it is not looking good for a ref. However, I will keep you posted and let you ...Read More

This is a private organization. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

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